Projects made for clients

One of our main services is to redesign your home or help you do it by giving you tips and creating special boards that will help you understand steps you should take when redecorating your house or one special room.

Here are some of the examples of our work with clients. We have been creating for them different shopping lists, mood boards, style changes and much more that help them to obtain the new look of their home.

This is only one part of our work with clients, if you want to see more, follow us on our social media chanels or contact us.

InkedScreenshot_2020-02-04 Style set cre

style 8

Screenshot_2019-12-30 Style set creator.

Hallway design

Ivona home

Living room design

InkedScreenshot_2020-01-13 Style set cre

Partial redecoration of living room

natural zaova

Living room redecoration

InkedScreenshot_2020-01-13 Style set cre

Shopping list no. 3

Screenshot_2020-01-10 Style set creator(

Shopping list no. 2

Screenshot_2020-01-10 Style set creator(

Shopping list no. 1

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